Life-changing healthcare innovations come as a result of successful healthcare providers working collaboratively with medical technology experts. Hatchleaf creates functional relationships to accelerate promising technology to the patients that need it most.

Strategic Product-Market Fit

Unsure how your product will fit into the market place? Hatchleaf provides detailed insights to give your product strategic advantage and excel in a competitive environment.

Insider Market Need Reports

Understanding a specialized market can be difficult. Our experts are subject-matter experts in 15+ medical specialities in a variety of practice settings and are ready to give you the insider insight needed to quickly understand and succeed in any life science field.

Private Expert Product Demos

Ready to bring your product to the market? Test your product with experts to gain critical feedback and early market awareness when launching.

Leverage Hatchleaf insight's to gain strategic market advantage

Hatchleaf's healthcare provider membership of top healthcare and surgical specialists in the U.S. covers the broadest range of medical specialties from institutions that are difficult to establish contracts for services with their employees. Our medical device market research can provide you with added professional and customer insights into the following areas:

  • Size of market

    Consider which factors are affecting the size of your intended market, including determining the costs associated with adoption of and access to your device.

  • Prioritize messaging

    Create well-defined messaging that clearly sets out the competitive position of the device and your company.

  • Determine pricing

    Define pricing that allows for optimal access and contracting benefits.

  • Stakeholder feedback

    Help develop the most beneficial analysis and communication to stakeholders so that stronger relationships result.